Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Moroccan Oil Treatment

So today I went to the hairdresser for a trim. It's been four months since my last haircut (I know!) and in that time, I'd been using the Moroccan Oil Treatment ( I bought the small 25mL bottle ($25-$30, depending on where you buy it) just to give it a try.

Picture taken from the Moroccan Oil web site.

Once of the things my hairdresser said after trimming my hair and adding layers is how easy it was to cut. He said it was really knot-free and so easy for him to work with. It must be the Moroccan Oil! It's been a couple of weeks since I last used it because I'd finished the bottle, which lasted around three months. I only wash my hair three times a week, two if I'm really lazy (thank heavens for dry shampoo), so those who wash their hair more frequently will obviously run out a little sooner.

Of course, I was very sceptical at first. Did I really want to put oil on my long curly hair? Wouldn't that turn it into a skanky oil slick? So I read about it online and it was meant to be really light and absorbed instantly, so I thought I'd give it a go in the end.

One of the things it's meant to do is reduce drying time. I never blowdry my hair because I look like a witch when I do: it's frizz city. That means I can't comment on that aspect of it. As for its absorption, it's amazing. You only need the tiniest bit - I use about a 10c coin's worth and my hair is almost down to my waist. It really goes well through the hair and it immediately feels as though there's nothing in it. It absorbs that quickly.

I often don't put anything else in my hair (no styling products or anything like that) and I let it dry naturally. My hair felt super soft when it was dry and the smell of the Moroccan Oil is delicious. I wouldn't say I had no frizz when using it alone, but there wasn't nearly as much frizz compared to when I wasn't using it. My hair is already quite healthy and shiny because I hardly ever colour it, but it felt so much silkier when using the oil. My beloved Terax Life Drops made my hair soft, but not to the extent of the Moroccan Oil. I also went through the Life Drops a lot faster because I had to use more to get it all through my hair.

Anyway, after the snipping, my hairdresser reached for the Moroccan Oil before the blowdrying my hair! I asked him whether he thought it was worth all the hype and he said it was. He tried it before he decided to stock it in his salon and based on that, he uses it all the time now. Needless to say, I ended up getting another (100mL) bootle for $50. I'll probably have it for the next six months, which definitely makes it worth the cost of entry.

My only (minor) problem with it is that it's simply a glass bottle with a screw-on lid. That means you need to be careful to avoid pouring out copious amounts of the stuff or accidentally knocking over the bottle. A pump would have made it perfect. When I got towards the bottom of the bottle, I found I had to store it upside down. However, since it's an oil, you'll have better luck getting the dregs out and using everything in the bottle than you would with a cream product.

There's an Intense Curl Cream that I'd consider trying in the future, but I have to work my way through my collection of hair products before then. The company also has a range of other haircare products, including shampoo, conditioner and a mask, but you'll likely need to look for these online. My hairdresser has the oil, but doesn't stock the rest of the range. If your salon does have all the products, ask them to use it on your hair the next time you go there to try it out.

OK, I know what I said about self-portraits, but it's not every day that my hair is straightened. This was taken after I got back from the hairdresser today.

All in all, I happily give the Moroccan Oil Treatment the thumbs up.