Monday, July 5, 2010

First impression: Volturi Twilight makeup

I was in Priceline on the weekend and saw a display of the new Volturi Twilight makeup range. When I first heard that there was a makeup range being released to coincide with the release of Eclipse, I thought it was laughable. However, I must say that having an actual look at the makeup, I'm somewhat surprised to find myself kind of liking it.

I then checked the Twilight Beauty web site ( to see the full range of products available and there appears to be a Luna Twilight range, as well as the Volturi Twilight collection. However, as far as I could see, Priceline only had the Volturi.

There were a few testers provided, but I didn't really get a chance to have a go at everything, since it was almost closing time for the store. I was able to swipe a couple of the loose eyeshadows, though. The colours I tried were Lover (metallic mauve) and Dusk (dark metallic burgundy). The texture of the shadow was actually really nice and they're quite pigmented. I only used a little bit, but there was quite an impressive colour payoff. The only problem I had was with the $15 price tag. I've paid more for eyeshadows, but that's from brands I know and trust. I'll probably pick up the burgundy eyeshadow if Priceline ever has them on sale.The rest of the range includes lip glosses in square compacts (a pink glittery colour and a black glitter), mascaras, an eye primer, shimmering body gel, fragrances body mist, as well as two Lip Venom products made by DuWop (!), although I didn't see these in the Priceline display. From the web site, it appears the collection was actually available a year ago in the US. I often joke about Australia being the last place to get a lot of different brands and collections, but this just proves my point. I'm sorry, but I didn't take note of the prices of the other products.
The Luna Twilight collection features eyeshadow duos, lip gloss tubes, 'staining balm' (lipsticks), blush, face luminiser, mini palettes (containing eye, lip and cheek colours) and body shimmer. I would argue that this collection has more variety in it, as well as more wearable makeup than the Volturi Twilight range, but I have yet to see this is Australian shops.

All in all, I found the range more impressive than I originally thought I would. I'd definitely be interested in trying the Lip Venom, especially since I've never tried any of the DuWop products, even though they've been around for years. I'm kind of embarrassed to be considering anything so trendy and teenagey, but it's actually worth a look. I'd recommend pushing past any scepticism and reserving judgement until you've had a play.