Friday, July 9, 2010

Nails: OPI Black Cherry Chutney

So this week's nails are proudly brought to you by OPI in the colour Black Cherry Chutney from the India collection. I grabbed this one when I was in US early last year, but this is the first time I've worn it. I know! How could I wait so long, right? I don't know. I have heaps of polishes and my collection is continually growing, so there's bound to be some neglect in there.I paid US$8.50 for this polish. Can you believe it? We pay $20 retail for OPI in Australia and I've even seen some girls mention on US-based blogs that OPI is pricey! Seriously? Try living with the prices here. If only we had it so good!

Black Cherry Chutney is a really dark burgundy with dark red sparkles. I had been tossing up between this and OPI's Eiffel For This Color (see the picture here) for the longest time. Eiffel is more purple, but looks quite similar when you see it indoors. I went for Chutney because I have tons of purples. It was a very difficult decision, though! I dare say I'd get Eiffel if I ever found it on sale somewhere (in my dreams perhaps).Out in the sun, Chutney is amazing. The sparkles really stand out and you can actually tell the colour is burgundy, rather than black. Unfortunately, winter means so sunshine, so I wasn't able to take a decent photo to show what it really looks like. Besides, this sort of thing is best left to the professionals (see the awesome photo here).

I absolutely love this colour. I was a bit worried about whether a nail polish this dark would look any good on my super-short nails. My fingers are somewhat chubby, so I was dubious, but went for it anyway. I think it looks good. If you've got really long nails, this colour would look really vampy and goth, yet still pretty.

Sadly, this is the best photo I could manage. The flash washed out the colour and made it look like a weird greyish purple.


  1. I was eyeballing this in DJs last week- looks gorgeous. i love dark burgundy polishes and I love the name too! Found your blog via Sarah's blog hop that I am on- how cool is it?!!

  2. Welcome! I've had a look a look at your fun blog and you've got yourself a new follower, too.
    If you see that nail polish still hanging around, grab it, I say. It's the best burgundy I own.