Monday, July 26, 2010

Nails: Versace V2045-W

So this week I'm wearing a nail polish I bought ages ago, but haven't actually worn before. It's actually called Versace's Heat Nail Lacquer in the colour V2045-W, which is a dark, vivid metallic purple. I bought this from Cosmo Cosmetics for only $5.95, so it was a total bargain.

It's darker in real life than it appears in this photo, but it gives you an idea of the metallic shimmer in it.

It was really nice to apply: it was a lovely consistency, a little thicker than most polishes, and as a result, it only require two coats for full opacity. However, it took forever to dry. I applied the first coat in the morning and the second coat six hours before I went to bed and I still had faint sheet marks the next morning (and that's using my OPI Drip Dry too). I did my top coat that following morning and it appeared to have dried, but this morning I had some more sheet marks! What the?

The colour is so divine that I think I can forgive it. To see what it really looks like, click here. With a quick-dry topcoat, it would probably work better, but it sucks that it takes so bloody long. I'm also glad it was cheap because I'd be really annoyed if it was an expensive polish. It's the perfect purple in my opinion, so I'll definitely be wearing it again. Hopefully it'll last more than a few days, considering it essentially took two days to apply!