Thursday, July 22, 2010

Review: Sportsgirl liquid lip colour

Sportsgirl's 'Give me some lip' liquid lip colour was an accidental find for me. I was merely killing time in my local shopping centre while waiting for my sister.

At $8.95, this lip gloss is definitely a steal compared to MAC Dazzleglass glosses, which retail for $42 in Australia. Not only that, but the MAC gloss only contains 2.4mL of product, while the Sportsgirl contains 3.1mL. The gloss comes in a wand with a doe foot applicator, which I much prefer to a brush. I'm a fan of reapplying my gloss without using a mirror, so the doe foot makes it really easy to do that.

The one I bought is called 'Sweetest Thing'. It's quite a sheer gloss, as you can see from the pictures above (click on each to see a bigger version). It's a bright candy pink in the tube, but is quite sheer once applied. There's some silver and purplish-looking micro-glitter in it, which gives it a nice 3D sparkle when you wear it, without being too over the top. You can't feel the glitter when you rub your lips together, which is a bonus. There's nothing worse than chunky-feeling gloss.

One thing I really dislike is the smell. It's got a sickly super-sweet odour that's kind of nauseating to me. Luckily, the smell completely wears off after about 5 minutes. I don't mind a hint of fragrance in my glosses, but the smell here is overpowering. If it didn't wear off, this would definitely have been a deal-breaker for me.

On my lips, the gloss feels lovely. It's smooth and has a nice consistency, without being sticky. It's not too thick either. I found that it wears really well. If I don't eat anything, it'll last a solid two hours before you I think about reapplying. And that's with me periodically sipping water from a bottle. The other thing is that when it does eventually wear off completely (after eating lunch, for example), there's no silly-looking layer of glitter left on your lips. I attribute this to the fact that the glitter is so fine.

First pic is in natural light, second is in the bathroom and the third is out in the sun.

All in all, I love this gloss. It's really pretty and it was under $10, which makes is definitely worth a look at least. The other colours I remember seeing were a paler pink, a peachy colour and a red. I think I'll have to get the red. I love red glosses that are a bit sheer, so that you don't look like a clown when they wear off and leave a 'ring of confidence' (anyone remember that old Colgate ad?). If you're a lip gloss junkie, have a play the next time you walk past your local Sportsgirl store.