Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nails: China Glaze Bogie

I actually pained my nails with China Glaze Bogie last week, but was too lazy to post the pictures any earlier. Sorry! Bogie is from the Vintage Vixen collection, which has tons of absolutely awesome colours in it. I also have Emerald Fitzgerald and First Class Ticket from this collection, but I have yet to try those.
Bogie is a strange colour: is it purple? Is it burgundy? Or could it be brown? Indoors it could be all of them, but in the sun, there's definitely more purple than anything else. There's microglitter in there that's all sorts of colours. It's totally droolworthy in my opinion.

Left: in direct sun. Right: outside without direct sunlight.


The sparkles in this polish are amazing. Click on the direct sunlight photo and you'll see what I mean. In all of these, I apologise for the icky-looking bubbles. That happens when I apply too thick a layer of top coat. It's not very noticeable in real life, but those closeup photos are a bit scary. You'll find much better photos at Scrangie's blog here.