Friday, August 27, 2010

Rant: MAC rip-off pricing

OK, I know I've mentioned how expensive MAC is to buy in Australia, but it's reached a new level absurdity. I have my eye on two lipglasses from the Dare to Wear collection, which has only just been announced here in Australia. It's been out in the states for a while now -- long enough to make me drool over a number of products.

So now that it's finally here, I checked out the MAC web site to have a look at the new products. They want $43 for a f*&%ing lip gloss?!!!!! Forget it! MAC charges US$18 for these and we have to pay $43! On what planet is this acceptable? The current exchange rate is $1 = US$0.88, which would make it around $20.50. Even if you mark it up to a ridiculous $30, people will still buy it. But $43? Only the wealthy can afford that.

If MAC Australia thinks two lipglasses are worth the equivalent of almost a week's rent, I just may have to boycott the brand. As much as I love their stuff, this has gone beyond a joke.