Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Review: Pixi Natural Mineral Kit

I stumbled across this little kit when I was in my local Chemist Warehouse a couple of weeks ago. It was only $5, so I couldn't resist. There were three different kits to choose from: No. 1 Santa Barbara, No. 2 Stockholm and No. 3 St Tropez. They're all quite earthy colours, but I ended up getting Stockholm.

I'd never heard of Pixi before so I did a web search to see what I could find out about the company. It turns out that it's based in the the UK and has an online store at www.pixibeauty.com. Imagine my surprise when I discovered my Natural Mineral Kit was worth28 (take a look here)! I have no idea how I was able to get this so cheap. I've also never seen Pixi cosmetics anywhere in Australia before, so I'm not sure who else may stock the brand.

Anyway, the kit is in a cute little cube, with three magnestised sections for eyes, cheeks and lips. The eyes section is at the top, containing four eyeshadows and a decent mirror. The cheeks section has two colours: one is a powder, while the other is a cream. The lips section has two lip glosses.

The eyeshadows are really nice. They're nicely pigmented and they last all day without creasing. The colours are light, shimmery shades, with a darker brown that's also quite shimmery. I was quite impressed with them.

The blushes are only OK. The powder blush is super pigmented, so you need an extremely light hand when applying it. I just dabbed a blush brush in and then blew off as much as I could before I applied it. Even then, I had to lightly dust over my cheeks to avoid looking like a clown or a stripey freak. The cream colour was much easier to work with because it's sheer, although it's not something you'd want to apply over powder.

The lip glosses are lovely. I love both of them. The darker shade is a deep, sheer red. It goes on like a dream and it's sticky or anything. The lighter colour is really sheer but glittery, which makes it great to wear over the top of another lipstick or gloss. I'm fond of wearing it over the top of the other colour in this kit.

Overall, for $5 I suppose I can't be too picky. However, I'll definitely keep using the eyeshadows and lip glosses in this palette and likely avoid the blushes. I think it'll be great to take with me when I travel, for quick, simple makeup.

Top row: the four eyeshadows. Bottom row: powder blush, cream blush and the two lip glosses. You can see how shimmery everything is (click on the right picture to see the glittery awesomeness in the light lip gloss).


  1. OOoooh I may have to get my hands on this palette ~ I love all of the colors!! Hey, I saw you post about your blog over on Phyrra's and thought I would follow yours. I have a make-up/beauty blog as well ~ could you follow mine too??
    And I love love love that you're a rocker chick too!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  2. Done! Your blog makes me envious of all of the awesome stuff we don't get here in Australia: the L'Oreal HiP range, amazing Sally Hansen nail polishes... And don't even get me started on how expensive Stila and Too Faced is to buy here.