Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Splurge: Make Up Store eyedust in Blurry

I recently had some time to kill at Broadway Shopping Centre, so of course I had to visit Make Up Store ( while I was there. I don't get to visit often because there are only a handful of them in Sydney, which my wallet is thankful for.

The eyedusts are my favourite Make Up Store products, although I do own a few awesome microshadows and a couple of other glittery goodies. It's been a good six months or more since I was last in a store because the eyedusts now come in new packaging that makes them easier to travel with and minimises spillage.

It's a tight-fitting lid that clicks shut, so there's no spillage.

I was drawn to Blurry because it's not just a simple shimmery eyeshadow. It's a dark silver shadow with multi-coloured sparkles in it, although youcan't really see them all that well in my photos. You can definitely see the different colours in the sunlight, but it's decided to stay away today.

In each picture, the first swipe is on bare skin, the second is over Urban Decay Primer Potion and the third is over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. You still can't see the coloured glitter very well, though. It's there, I swear!

The only problem with Make Up Store's products is price. A single eyedust is $32, so you can imagine how important self-restraint is! I became a club member that day and only paid a $6.60 joining fee, instead of the usual $10 for some reason. It gives you 10% off every purchase for a full year at any Make Up Store outlet, even if it's in another country! I thought that was great. It also got me 10% off my eyedust, so it's almost paid for iteself already.

All of the eyedusts are insanely glittery, but super-fine, so they blend easily and apply really smoothly. I found that packing your brush with eyeshadow and then tapping off the excess minimised fallout, which was nice. The eyedusts are also really pigmented, so with the darker colours, I'd suggest applying your eye makeup before doing the rest of your face because any fallout will be really noticeable. It's best to think of them as an investment because I guarantee you'll get a lot of use out of them and have them for a long time.