Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nails: Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

This week's nails are in the colour Scrangie from Rescue Beauty Lounge ( Those of you who follow this blog would know I mention Scrangie ( a lot - she's a nail polish extraordinnaire. I love her blog. This colour was actually names after her: she created the colour in conjunction with RBL. There were a couple of other colours in this blogger collection, which were also created with and named after nail polish bloggers.

I got Scrangie and one other colour from RBL when they had a sale about a month ago. The polishes are quite expensive, especially when you take into consideration the US$18.50 postage fee; however, you can order a few bottles and the postage cost remains the same. The polishes are usually US$18, but during the sale they were 50% off. I had to set my alarm for 12:55pm, as the sale started at 11am, which is 1am Australian time. I regret nothing! This is the most amazing colour.

Yes, I have many purples, but nothing like this. It's a blue-based purple with a bluey/green shimmer. It looks so different depending on the light you're in. It's seriously gorgeous.

Left: Indoors, no flash. Right: Bathroom light (heat lamp), no flash.

I'm not a huge fan of the formula of this nail polish, though. It's a bit thin and required three coats to get opaque coverage. It also took much longer to dry than most of the other nail polishes I own. The other problem is it bubbled slightly. After the first coat, I did a much thicker second coat (a result of impatience), which left tiny bubbles over most of my nails when it finally dried. It's not as bad as OPI, which dried with large noticeable bubbles in it if you apply too thick a coat. For the third coat, I did a thin, even layer and that managed to hide the bubbles. A glossy top coat and you can't even tell.

However, the colour of this polish is so amazing, I can't complain. Formula and price be damned! RBL describes is as similar to a beetle's wing. I can see that. Although I've included a number of photos here, to see what this looks like on Scrangie herself, click here. Her photos are much better than mine.

Left: Outdoors in the shade. Right: Outdoors in full sunlight. Drool!

Am I right? Is this the best medium purple in existence?