Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Squee: MAC birthday goodies

Sorry it's been a little while since I've posted anything. Work has been hectic! Anyway, here's the first of two posts I have planned this week.

Last week (the 8th) was my birthday (we won't go into details...), but needless to say, I got some lovely presents from some lovely people. My friends at work all chipped in and got me some MAC makeup! They know me well (thanks Helen, I know it was all you!). From my earlier rant, I'm sure you're all aware of my disgust with the price we have to pay for certain brands in Australia, MAC being one of them. However, that's not to say I don't love MAC makeup. I do, I just can't bloody afford it! So you can imagine my delight when I was presented with these goodies.

I was so excited! There was an eyeshadow from the Disney Venomous Villains collection (a matte Evil Queen colour in Vile Violet) as well as a lipstick (an Evil Queen lustre lipstick in Sinister). Plus, my first MAC nail polish in Dark Angel (cream formula). They are so droolworthy. So here's a closer look.

Left: the eyeshadow swatched dry and then over Urban Decay Primer Potion, followed by the lipstick. Right: the nail polish.

I just love them! I don't have very many matte eyeshadows, so I was a bit worried about getting it to work for me, but I needn't have worried. It goes on very smoothly and blends out nicely. The lipstick is gorgeous! It goes on smoothly, has subtle shimmer in it and smells divine. Yes, I have a weird thing for yummy-smelling lipsticks.

Then there's the nail polish. Swoon! It was so smooth and the brush was really nice to use. It didn't take too long to dry and it didn't bubble at all, despite me putting on a fairly thick couple of coats. I find that some one my OPI polishes bubble if I apply too thick a coat. That's impatience for you! Anyway, I needed three coats to make it appear fully opaque, although I'm sure I'm the only one who would have noticed that it was a little patchy.

All in all, I think that's a might fine gift. Thanks guys! I love it all.