Sunday, March 20, 2011

Eyeshadow: Morgana Cryptoria

I know I've raved about Morgana Cryptoria ( before, particularly of my love of the North Pole eyeshadow, but I've been neglectful in mentioning some of the other awesome colours. And they really are awesome. The other day I used two purples and a black (well, almost) to create a look that's darker than I normally wear, but totally amazing in its sparkliness (is that a real word?).

Left: Mutiny. Middle: Gauntlet. Right: Zombie Tramp.

Mutiny, Gauntlet and then Zombie Tramp. For each eyeshadow, the first swatch is over Pixie Epoxy and the second is dry.

I applied all of these over Pixie Epoxy as usual, although as you can see from the swatches above, each one is very intense dry. These eyeshadows apply so smoothly and there was no glitter fallout whatsoever because it's so fine. Any random glitter you see on my face in the photos below is from the chunky Urban Decay Uzi I used for a highlight -- serves me right for being lazy and just grabbing whatever was there.

This is outdoors. It looks bluer than it actually is. I like that it can look different according to the light.

I had my Urban Decay Book of Shadows handy, so I used Uzi to highlight and Rockstar in the crease. I applied Gauntlet over two-thirds of the lid, with Mutiny on the outer third. Zombie Tramp was applied along the outer two-thirds of the lower lashline, with some Urban Decay Psychedelic Sister along the inner third to brighten it up a little. I also used a little bit of MAC's Naked pigment in the inner corner of my eye.

These photos were taken indoors. This is true to colour. They're so sparkly it's amazing!

These eyeshadows rock. There was no fading as the day wore on and no glitter fallout either. I'll have to do another look with Mutiny as the main colour, as the placement here just doesn't do it justice. Gauntlet is a great purple, but it's a simple sparkly pinkish purple. Mutiny is a bluer purple that has a definite green shift, which you unfortunately can't see in these photos (check out Blix's look here, which uses it as the main lid colour). I'd describe Zombie Tramp as a really dark blackened purple with lovely red glitter in it.

If you're intrigued, check out the Morgana web site and order some samples. They're reasonably priced and come in little baggies. I can't wait for the two new eyeshadow collections coming soon!