Monday, March 28, 2011

Nails: Del Sol in Foxy

This week I'm trying out another new polish from Del Sol in the colour Foxy. For those who don't know, Del Sol makes a range of colour-changing products, apart from the nail polish, including clothing, toys, jewellery and other accessories. I love the idea of colour-changing nail polish - it's something I haven't seen since I was in primary school! Foxy is a bright pink metallic shimmer that turns a lovely pinkish purple in the sun. Check out the Del Sol web site here to see professional photos of what it looks like.

This is indoors. You can see the label on the top shows the colour is changes to in the sun.

Sadly, Autumn is well and truly here and as a result, the sun hasn't really wanted to come out and say hi for the past few days. I think you can clearly see the colour difference in my photos, although if I had more than a minute's worth of sun, the colour change would likely be more dramatic. I've been wearing this for two days and this is the most amount of sun we've had. I thought I'd better get some photos taken before it chipped off. Application was nice and smooth, although it's quite sheer. I'm wearing three coats here for full opacity. It dried super quickly, so the extra coat required didn't really matter. I have a top coat on, too. I wonder if that affects the intensity of the colour change?

Left: Base colour. Right: After about 15 seconds in the sun.

After about a minute in the sun. A definite change in colour, though.

I actually had trouble picking a colour because I was determined to get one, although I wasn't all that keen on some of the colours without sun. If you go to the nail polish page on the Del Sol web site, all of the colours you see are how they appear in the sun. If you check out each individual colour, you'll see the base colour is pale or pastel. I really like how bright the pink of Foxy is, although I wish the colour change was a little more intense. I'll definitely give this another go when it's sunnier to see if that makes a difference.

From pink to purple.

All in all, these are fun polishes in a range of colours. They apply well and dry really quickly, and they'd be a lot of fun in summer. Australian ladies note that they're a little hard to find here. The Del Sol web site doesn't list an Australian location, yet the Hello Gold Coast web site lists a shop in Queensland. There's no shortage of them on eBay, however. I'm still contemplating getting another one, perhaps in a turquoise.


  1. See, I would get totally sucked in by this and my nails would hypnotize me!

  2. Hehe. I see nothing wrong with just standing there, waiting for the sun to break through the clouds...