Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nails: OPI Dim Sum Plum & Nicole by OPI Gone Wishin'

OPI's Dim Sum Plum is an unusual colour. I got it for my sister on my recent trip to Hawaii and after wearing it, decided it was too purple for her. So it's mine now. I put it on the other day and decided it was way too candy pink for me. How funny. I decided it needed a little something over the top to tone down the pinkness and I decided on Gone Wishin' from Nicole by OPI. This is my first Nicole nail polish and another purchase from my trip (I did warn you guys that I bought a lot of stuff over there!).

Left: Dim Sum Plum. Right: Gone Wishin'.

I found the formula of the OPI was different to what I'm used to. I have few (if any, now that I think of it) creme OPI polishes: the ones I have are all metallic or glittery. The formula of Dim Sum Plum was much thicker and I could even have gotten away with one coat. It didn't take too long to dry either. I find that with most OPI polishes, too thick a coat translates into bubbles, which I despise. That's why I often have to do three thin coats. So I ended up doing two coats and got perfect, full coverage.

This is how my nails look indoors. You can see how sparse the glitter is.

I was a little disappointed with Gone Wishin'. I was hoping it would be as glittery as Sparkle-icious, but it wasn't. Maybe I should have held the bottle upside down longer so the glitter could travel to the top? Regardless, there wasn't a whole lot of glitter coverage with this one and the pictures here show two coats. It's a lovely combination of glitter, though: purple and blue particles in a clear base. Because the glitter was so sparse, my nails didn't feel too chunky and gritty, so I didn't bother with a top coat.

Left: Outdoors in direct sunlight. Right: Outdoors in the shade.

Overall, I really like the effect of these two nail polishes combined. It's bright yet sparkly, which is what I love. I ordinarily favour dark polishes, but it's nice to wear something different. I'm thinking the next time I wear Dim Sum Plum I might top it with Sparkle-icious. I also think Gone Wishin' would look really nice over a dark base.

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