Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nails: OPI Not Like The Movies

One of four regular OPI nail polishes in the Katy Perry collection (the other is Black Shatter, which I don't own), Not Like The Movies is the first one I decided to try. Wow. That's pretty much all I can say and it describes just about every aspect of this polish.

You may be able to see a hint of pink here. The glitter is visible at least.

The colour is amazing. It's a silvery grey with a pinkish/green duochrome and silver microglitter! The glitter is so fine that you can't feel it and it doesn't affect the way it applies at all. It applied smooth and dried really quickly (much quicker than I'm used to with OPI polishes), which is good because it's so sheer that it needs a few coats. I went silly and did four, but three would have done it.

I apologise in advance for the following photos. Apart from the fact that I couldn't really capture its awesomeness at all, I didn't realise until I was cropping the pictures later that I had some mascara on one of my fingers after attempting to fix an eyelash fail. I'd had so much frustration trying to take the photos in the first place, there was no way I was going to give it a second attempt.

Left: in the sun. You can see its silvery goodness and glitter here. Right: in the shade.

Left: this photo shows the green tint with a bit of pink (most obvious on my thumb). Right: the best shot I was able to get of the pink flash.

There's really not a lot else I can say. It's unlike any other colour I own, but it's a bitch to photograph. I've tried, but much better pictures can be found at Scrangie's blog. She's got swatches of all the colours in the collection.