Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: Tokidoki Robbery palette

I got this monster of a palette from Sephora. I'm a massive Tokidoki fan: I have a few T-shirts and a couple of bags, but let's not talk about how much I spent on those... I was intrigued when Tokidoki released a range of eyeshadows and lip glosses for Sephora. Just because their other stuff is awesome didn't necessarily mean that the makeup would be too. I was wrong. I swatched a few of the eyeshadows in Sephora and I was quite impressed with the texture and colour payoff. But while the packaging of the individual eyeshadows was lovely, it wasn't exactly practical. Each shadow is in an overly large plastic case in the shape of the Tokidoki logo (heart and crossbones), which is just too bulky for me. Then I laid eyes on the Robbery palette and I was in love.

This picture shows all the palettes opened. How cute is the packaging?

The Robbery palette is actually three smaller palettes (Royal Pride palette, Arlecchino palette and Rapina palette) in a large Tokidoki printed tin, with a jumbo Robbery print magnet thrown in for good measure. There's a small mirror inside, but it's pretty much useless. Each palette contains four eyeshadows and a blush. I love the idea of these: it means you can pop out one of the palettes if you're on the go and it takes up almost no room at all. For awesome in-depth photos of the palette, as well as swatches, visit Vampy Varnish's blog here.

Below are three different looks using each of the palettes. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is excellent and my photos can't really do them justice. You get the idea, though. I've also mixed and matched colours from different palettes, so there's quite a variety of looks you can do with these. The cheek colours are nice, too. They're pigmented, but not overly so, and they're all shimmery. The eyeshadows are all shimmery, too, apart from two mattes: the lime green and black. The lime green provides good colour without being chalky and the black is really, really black.

This look was done using the Royal Pride palette.

This look was done using the Arlecchino palette.

This look was done using the Rapina palette, as well as Soya from the Arlecchino palette.

So while the novelty of the packaging initially drew me to the Tokidoki Robbery palette, I ended up with some quality makeup here. Sure, the range of colours isn't as wide as some other palettes, but there's more than enough here to keep most bright-colour loving people happy, me included. I love this palette and I'd happily highly recommend it to anyone.