Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Urban Decay Lip Junkie

I'll admit it, I'm a Urban Decay whore. I love their makeup and I've been a fan since way back -- I'm still devastated that their Lip Gunk was discontinued and there's nothing quite like it that I've been able to find. Please let me know if you've discovered another lip product with the same colour payoff and wear! I was kind of hoping (but not hopeful, if that makes sense) that the Lip Junkie would be similar to the old Lip Gunk. It's not, unfortunately. Luckily though, it's still a pretty awesome lip gloss. The colour I got was Perversion and it's a really dark-looking glittery purple (Sephora describes it as a sheer black sparkle, but it's definitely purple to me).

Sorry this pic is blurry, but it's the truest to the colour of the gloss.

The gloss is in a squeeze tube with a slanted applicator, which I quite like. It means you don't get the precision of a wand, but that doesn't matter too much when it's a sheer gloss like this. It's easy to apply it as a sheer wash of colour or a little thicker to add some more intensity to it; however, it doesn't matter how much you apply, it will never look as dark as it does in the tube. I love this colour and when I bought the gloss, I was taking a gamble that it would turn out a little more subtle than it appeared in the tube. Happily, that's the way it turned out. One the other hand, if you're after an intensely opaque gloss that looks like it does in the tube, steer clear otherwise you'll be disappointed.

Left: outdoors in natural light. Right: inside with flash. I applied a thin layer on the top left, then a thicker swipe and finally a blob. If you click to enlarge the pics, you'll be able to see the pretty sparkle better.

The gloss is smooth and super-shiny, but isn't sticky at all. I didn't get any hair sticking to my lips in the wind, which is great. In the pictures below, I've applied a generous layer of gloss, yet it comes out a shade or so darker than my natural lip colour and adds lots of lovely sparkle. My lips aren't perfectly smooth (no one's are), so I think too thick a layer of gloss would have it settle unflatteringly in any cracks and lines I may have. You might just be able to see a hint of this in the flash photo (below right). The smell of this gloss is yummy, too! It's not overpowering and it fades quickly of you're worried about the slightly odd combination of vanilla and mint.

Left: outdoors in natural light. Right: indoors with flash.

All in all, it's a lovely, surprisingly subtle gloss. I know there are some shades in this range that are purely sheer gloss, but the majority of them contain glitter. If you like your glosses in a generous size and don't mind applying it using the slanted tip, then Urban Decay's Lip Junkie is highly recommended. If you prefer a wand or a more opaque colour, their Pocket Rocker glosses might be a better choice. I don't have any of those, though, so I can't comment on the consistency of them.

I do love this gloss, but I still dream of a time when Urban Decay will resurrect the Lip Gunk of old. Maybe I'll whip out the ones I have and show you all their awesomeness. I never used up one of them, even though I wore them all the time. They lasted so long, I hardly had to reapply. Anyway, for a glittery, sheer, non-sticky gloss, Lip Junkie rocks.