Friday, April 29, 2011

Bargain: $3 Models Prefer eyeshadow palettes

Sorry, but this one is pretty much for the Australian ladies only. I'm sure you can get Models Prefer makeup overseas, but this is a special discount I saw. Yesterday I was in Priceline and I saw a display of Models Prefer eyeshadow palettes all reduced to $2.99! There were about five different palettes on sale (some even had a full-size lipstick in the pack) and I got the one with nine eyeshadows.

Left: indoors. Right: outdoors in the sun. See the sparkle?

These were all swatched over Urban Decay Primer Potion and in the order they appear in the palette. This was taken outside in the sun.

As you can see, only the black is matter, all other colours contain some shimmer. I only needed a couple of swipes of each shadow to get this amount of colour payoff. The pigmentation was surprisingly good. The only ones I had to work a bit harder with were the black (which wasn't very black at all) and the purple. All the others pretty much glided on with one swipe of my eyeshadow brush.

So today I wore four of the colours (I wouldn't normally wear that many all at once) to see if the palette was worth raving about here. It was! As I type this, I've been wearing it for about four hours now and it hasn't budged or faded in the slightest. I wore the golden orange on the inner third of the lid, with the turquoise on the outer two thirds of the lid. I used the blue in my crease and then the purple along the lower lashline.

These were taken in the bathroom under artificial light.

These were taken outside in the shade. (I think these photos look weird with my eyebrows cropped out, although I suppose you guys don't need to see them, just the eyeshadow.)

I think that everyone should get down to Priceline ASAP and see what's there. You may or may not like the colours in this palette (I do - a lot!), but you may find one of the other palettes more to your tastes. I'm sure I saw a neutral palette with lots of browns and a lippie, also for $2.99. Priceline always has truckloads of Models Prefer palettes, so I guess they're discounting these to make room for the new season colours. Who knows? Anyway, let me know if you score anything awesome!