Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review: Benefit Femme Metale kit

This is another set I bought from Sephora in Hawaii. It consists of three cream eyeshadows and three mini eyeliners. I think it was US$28, but it's not on the Sephora web site anymore, so I don't know if it's still available. The eyeshadows are Taupe-aztic (golden shimmer), Platinum (white shimmer) and Plum-ing For Gold (metallic burgundy), while the eyeliners are Blinged (silver), Steel Her Date (glittery steel blue) and Gem-N-Eye (glittery golden olive). It's great value because the eyeliners are bigger than the Urban Decay mini 24/7 glide-on liners, plus you're getting three full-size cream eyeshadows! Vampy Varnish has some great close-up photos here.

All this for US$28. One regular eyeshadow is US$19. Bargain!

The colours are just gorgeous and although the eyeliners don't really suit all of the eyeshadows (I wouldn't wear any of the liners with Plum-ing For Gold, for example), there's enough variety here for a number of different looks when combined with other eyeshadows and liners. My absolute favourite cream eyeshadow on the face of the planet is Benefit's creaseless cream eyeshadow in Bunny Hop (a metallic flesh-toned colour with an iridescent blueish colour shift) and I've worn all three eyeliners with it.

Bunny Hop. The most amazing cream eyeshadow ever.

This brings me to my next point: the texture and application of the eyeshadows. I have three of the permanent cream eyeshadow shades and they all have the same texture -- these are different. They're not as thick a consistency and therefore don't apply as well. Plum-in For Gold is smooth, but needs to be built up a bit for full opacity. Taupe-aztic is kind of gritty because of the glitter in it, but it's fully opaque with just one swipe. Platinum is in between: there's a hint of grittiness to it, but it also needs to be applied carefully to avoid patchiness; plus, because it's so in-your-face white, I generally only wear it as a base and inner corner highlight. The other two can happily be worn on their own.

Taken outdoors in the shade.

As for being creaseless, I guess it depends on how you wear them. As a base with another eyeshadow on top, they won't budge at all. One their own, they don't crease on me either, just like the permanent colours. However, I've read that the original cream eyeshadows crease on some people anyway, so if that's you, I'd recommend a base. I've found I don't need anything underneath, though.

This was taken in the bathroom. Check out the glitter in the eyeliners and shimmer in the eyeshadows.

A closer view of the eyeshadows. I had a bugger of a time washing them off after swatching them!

On to the eyeliners. I just love them. They're soft and smooth, and apply like a dream, very similar to the Urban Decay liners. They wear really well and didn't fade or smudge all day. They set fairly quickly, so if you like to smudge or smoke out your liner, work fast -- once it's set, it's staying there. I really don't have anything else to say about the liners except they're great.

Overall, despite requiring a little more work than I'm used to with Benefit's regular cream eyeshadows, the colours are so gorgeous that I reckon they're worth the effort. I don't need to wear a base with these, so application is reasonably quick. The eyeliners in this set are beautiful and have great staying power. I'd definitely give this set a thumbs-up. For Benefit cream eyeshadow fans, it's a fantastic buy if you can find it.