Monday, May 2, 2011

Nails: OPI Teenage Dream

This week I'm wearing Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry for OPI collection. It's so cute! It's a sheer glittery nail polish that looks just lovely. There are super-fine particles of pale pink glitter in it, along with bigger, round holographic chunks.

This is outside and is probably the most true to the colour.

Surprisingly, it applied really well. I ended up applying three coats, although two would have done it nicely, too. It dried very fast, which is unusual for an OPI polish. However, because of the big chunks of glitter, it's quite a gritty polish and feels quite rough. A good, thick topcoat is a must. It still doesn't feel really smooth, but at least it doesn't catch on my clothes like it did before the topcoat.

Left: indoors away from the light. Right: indoors directly under the light.

This is one of the prettiest glitter polishes I've ever used. It's nice that it's not just a sheer glitter, it has a nice base colour too. And while it's super-sparkly, I'd argue that it's not too over the top and would be wearable for most people. I bet it's going to be a bitch to remove, though!