Monday, May 30, 2011

NYX haul

As I mentioned in a previous post here, I recently ordered some NYX goodies from Cherry Culture ( while they were 50% off. It turns out that I only got lip products this time around. Oh well, eyeshadows next time perhaps.

Left to right: Mega Shine gloss in Burgundy, Round gloss in Queen of Africa and Strawberry, Lipstick inBlack Cherry and Medusa, then Diamond Sparkle gloss in Copper Sparkle and Plum Sparkle.

These only just arrived, so I haven't had the chance to wear them all yet. I've worn the Diamond Sparkle gloss before, of course, and today I'm wearing the NYX Girls Round Gloss. It's not as full-on sparkly like the Diamond Gloss, but the sheen is lovely and it's not sticky at all. I wore Medusa on the weekend and it's a smooth, creamy lipstick. It was super dark so to make it look less vampy, I wore the Queen of Africa gloss over it.

Top row (the glosses): Burgundy, Queen of Africa, Strawberry, Copper Sparkle and Plum Sparkle. Bottom row (lipsticks): Black Cherry and Medusa.

The biggest surprise was the Mega Shine lip gloss. I was expecting it to be a more opaque gloss than the others, but nothing prepared me for its awesomeness. It's just like liquid metal on your lips! It's dark, super-opaque and has an amazing metallic finish. This was truly love at first sight.
Apart from the eyeshadows, I'd also like to try one of their Matte Lip Cream glosses (they describe it as a lipstick cream). Does anyone else have NYX recommendations for me? I love this brand!

Holy crap! Can you see that metallic shimmer? Love it!