Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rant: L'Oreal HiP collection

Why is it that we don't get the L'Oreal HiP collection of makeup here in Australia? I love it and I'm sure a lot of other people would too, if they knew about it. We get the core L'Oreal products, but the HiP range has brighter, funkier colours and products that you don't see in the regular collection. After all, HiP stands for High-intensity Pigments.

Take the HiP eyeshadow Duos. They're awesome. I got two of these on my recent trip to the US and they were only around US$7 I think. There are a number of different types of duos, but the two I got included a metallic eyeshadow duo (Electrified) and a crystal shadow duo (Mystical). Another thing I got was a HiP gel eyeliner. It's amazing! It's ridiculously black and applies almost as smoothly as my Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner. It was under US$10, too.

Left: 510 Electrified. Right: 319 Mystical.

If you're lucky enough to have a Gloss shop (or similar) in a shopping centre near you, you might find the odd product from this range, but chances are you won't. This also means we don't know what we're missing here in Oz. I don't write this to rub into to people that I managed to score this or that product, but to make you aware of what's out there, yet totally unavailable to us. If anyone finds a web site that stocks this range and ships to Australia, please let me know.

The only eyeshadow I'm wearing here is the number 510 duo. Isn't that the most perfect gold you've ever seen? I'm also wearing the HiP gel eyeliner along the top lashline.

That's just an example of what we miss out on here. There are other cosmetics companies that have ranges we'll never see. Why?! It's so unfair. Sure, our population isn't as big as that in the US, but we're not some speck of a country on the world map, either. Take note cosmetics companies, Australians love makeup too and there's plenty of us around in the blogsphere who are happy to let everyone know about it!