Friday, May 20, 2011

Review: Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

I recently got a Bobbie Brown metallic cream eyeshadow in Antique Gold at Honolulu airport for US$22. I had a look on the Australian Bobbi Brown online store and it's a ridiculous $50! It's nice, but there's no way I'd pay anywhere near that amount of money for it.

It comes in a heavy glass jar, just like the gel eyeliners.

Antique Gold is a super pretty colour. In the pot, it looks darker than it is on the eye. It's basically a colourless base with the actual colour coming from the glitter itself. As you can see from the swatches, you can build up the colour somewhat, but essentially all you're doing is building up the glitter.

Left: a light swipe of the eyeshadow. Right: a thicker layer of it.

It's not your regular cream eyeshadow in that it's not really a smooth base for powder eyeshadow. Once it dried, it didn't budge. However, because it's all glitter, it feels a tad gritty. That's why I'd advise against using it underneath another eyeshadow. It's nothing like the Benefit creaseless cream shadow.

It's really sparkly yet still pretty subtle.

On its own, it still looks great. It's super sparkly without being overwhelming. The staying is amazing, too. I should warn you guys: the photo below may be a little scary, as it was taken after a two-hour training session. You can see how it hasn't budged, creased or flaked off at all.

My eyeshadow still looks like it did when I applied it. Luckily for me, up this close you can't see my sweaty freakishness. Phew!

I'd like to try the regular long-wearing cream eyeshadows, rather than the metallic ones. If the regular shadows last as long as the glittery ones, that'd be awesome. On the other hand, I'd never pay the full Australian retail price for either of them. So, if I bought it overseas or they were super discounted here, I'd go for it. As it is, it's not worth $50 in my opinion.