Friday, June 24, 2011

Nails: China Glaze DV8

I can't believe how long it's been since I've worn DV8! I wanted something quick and easy after the Avon matte polish chipped off (see my previous post here). I thought about another glitter polish, but couldn't be bothered taking the time to remove it later. Then I remembered that my holographic China Glaze polishes (I have DV8 and LOL) were super quick to dry and super awesome in general!

What a crappy photo. All you can see is its pretty tealness, not much of the holo.

I wish all nail polishes applied like this. I did two coats, but if I was in a real hurry, one would have done. I also have a topcoat for extra shininess. The drying time on this is phenomenal: I was able to do my second coat after giving it a generous 5 minutes to dry. Love it! You can see the multicoloured holo (it's not quite glitter, but it looks like it is) in the sun and at certain angles indoors. It's so pretty. Even the base teal colour on its own it nice when you can't see the pretty rainbow.

And here it is on the nails. It was night when I took this photo, so it's indoors under artificial light.

My only problem with this polish is that I don't seem to recall it chipping this easily. It was wearing at the tips on day two, so I wasn't able to get a photo out in the sun before it started coming off. By day three, the chipping was much worse and very noticeable, so I took it off. Taking it off also only took about 2 minutes! However, this won't stop me from wearing it or recommending it to others. It's just that lovely. And since it wears like a matte, at least for me, reapplying isn't a big deal when you can be done in 10 whole minutes.

What do you guys think? Have you tried any of the holographic colours from China Glaze? If so, did it chip as quickly as mine did?


  1. Love the color! I find that my polish, no matter what brand I use, always chips if I don't apply a strong topcoat...OPI makes a good one!