Friday, June 10, 2011

Nails: Milani Purple Gleam One Coat Glitter

This week I wore my new Milani One Coat Glitter in the colour Purple Gleam from my recent Cherry Culture order. It's a very unique glitter nail polish in that it's not just purple glitter. There are super-fine particles of black microglitter to give it better coverage and more dimension. The purple glitter particles themselves are pretty small, too.

It looks like your standard, run-of-the-mill glitter nail polish in the bottle.

This is it swatched on a white business card. If you view the full-size image, you can see both the black and purple glitter.

The application was strange. Good strange, I mean. At first, it seemed as though there was no way one coat was going to do it, but then I just used the side of the brush more and it applied better. It's not too thick or runny, but it dried ridiculously fast. By that I mean I needed more when I was halfway through doing my thumb, so by the time I dipped the brush in the bottle and started applying again, it was already well on its way to being dry. Crazy!

After one coat. This is before I cleaned up, so forgive the mess. You can see a patch of nail showing through on my thumb.

As you can see, one coat looks pretty good. Actually, it's pretty amazing for a glitter polish, I must admit. However, there's no way I'd just leave it like that. With a second coat, it's incredible. There's absolutely no nail peeking through at all. And because it takes so little time to dry, a second coat was no biggie anyway.

The other thing I wanted to point out in the picture above is that the black in the polish gives it a semi-matte appearance, despite the glitter. I loved the way it looked, so I applied a BYS matte topcoat to keep the look. The purple glitter makes it sparkle, but the matte topcoat tones down the black glitter and makes it look three-dimensional. I just love it. The only problem is the fact that I've got a cheap matte topcoat ($4.95 from Gloss) that chips within a couple of days. I've already had to do a touch-up.

Left: indoors. Right: outdoors. See how it's still kind of chunky?

The only real criticism I have is the texture of the polish. Because the glitter is so fine, it's not so rough that it catches on my clothes, but it definitely needs that topcoat to smooth it out a little. Something thick like Seche Vite would smooth that baby right out, although I found that even with a thinner matte topcoat, it was smoother, if still a little bumpy.

Can anyone recommend a decent long-wearing matte topcoat? I know mattes will never last anywhere near as long as a thick, glossy polish, but there's got to be something better out there than the one I'm using. I love this polish so much that I'm sure I'll wear it again in the next few weeks with a glossy topcoat for comparison.

So what do you guys think? I need to see what other people have said about these in the blogosphere, but I'm seriously considering another colour if they all contain that extra black (or other colour) glitter to give it something more. I can honestly say that I've never seen a glitter polish like this one before.