Monday, June 6, 2011

Review: Inglot eyeshadow

I've now had the chance to wear all of my Inglot eyeshadows at least once and it's definitely love. I fell in lust with my new palette when it first arrived (read my previous post here), but it's blossomed into love now.

They're amazing eyeshadows: long-lasting, super-pigmented and really easy to blend. There's also the fact that there are hundreds of colours to choose from, as well as a number of finishes. I ended up choosing three pearl colours, one shine and one AMC. They were all quite lovely.

My palette features (left to right) 74 AMC, 420 Pearl, 32 Shine, 419 Pearl and 441 Pearl.

The AMC eyeshadow is kind of matte with glitter particles in it. The pearl eyeshadows are almost metallic-looking to me: shimmery without any glittery particles. The shine eyeshadow is what Urban Decay's glitter-infused eyeshadows should be: smooth and shimmery like the pearl finish, only with tiny glitter particles in it for extra sparkle (not big, chunky glitter like UD's Uzi, for example).

The pearl and shine eyeshadows were my favourites. Of course, I'd love to get some more eyeshadows (perhaps another five-pan palette?), but this time I'd give the matte shades a go, as well as maybe another AMC colour and a DS (double sparkle). If you already have a palette, you don't really need an additional one. You could always put some of the eyeshadows in a magnetic palette and swap out the ones currently in your palette. This is probably what I'll end up doing.

74 AMC: a matte dark reddish pink with silver sparkles.

420 Pearl: a greyish purple shimmer.

32 Shine: a shimmery turquoise with silver sparkles. Forgive the horribly wonky eyeliner!

419 Pearl: an olive shimmer.

441 Pearl: a shimmery red-based purple.

In all of the above pictures, I'm just wearing UDPP, no Pixie Epoxy or anything. The Inglot shadows are all over the lid and along the lower lashline in most cases. I love all of these eyeshadows and I'll definitely be adding to my collection when I can. What do you guys think? Awesome or what?

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