Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Venomous Cosmetics

I recently did an order from Venomous Cosmetics ( after seeing a bunch of swatches on a number of different blogs. I like the fact that they have loose and pressed eyeshadows, as well as lip glosses (called Lip Poison). I also think the branding is awesome: there's a different creepy crawly on each page and the eyeshadows have names like Blue-Ringed Octopus and Gila Monster.

Row 1 (top to bottom) : MAC eyeshadow for size comparison, full-sized pressed eyeshadow in Venice Love Affair.
Row 2: Amazon Rainforest Expedition, Starburst, Wandering Spider.
Row 3: Chupacabra, Sea Urchin.

It was difficult to decide on what to get since there are so many colours to choose from, so I just did a small order to begin with: 9 loose eyeshadow samples (US$1 each), 6 pressed eyeshadow samples (US$2 each) and 2 mini Lip Poisons (US$3.50 each). I also received two free loose eyeshadow samples! The other thing I received was the full-size version of the Venice Love Affair pressed eyeshadow. Tracy included a lovely handwritten note explaining that they were out of sample sizes, so she included the full-size version at no extra cost. How's that for amazing customer service?

Row 1 (loose eyeshadows, left to right): Starburst, Mega Star, Lochness Monster, Coral Snake, Boomslang.
Row 2 (loose eyeshadows): Falling Star, Vegas Casino, Alien, Platypus, Starfish (free sample), Rosie (free sample).
Row 3 (pressed eyeshadows): Chupacabra, Starburst, Sea Urchin, Amazon Rainforest Expedition, Wandering Spider, Venice Love Affair.

The loose samples come in little baggies, while the pressed samples are in tins about the size of a 1c piece (remember those?). The glosses come in little tubes with a doe-foot applicator wand. Everything was shipped safely a tightly packed with bubble wrap. It took me a while to get everything unwrapped, but I appreciate the care and time it took to keep everything as well-protected as possible. I love that effort!

I'm wearing Platypus on my lid and Boomslang on the lower lashline.

The eyeshadows, both loose and pressed, apply like a dream. The vibrancy of the loose eyeshadows is insane, especially over Pixie Epoxy. The pressed eyeshadows also have wonderful payoff -- while I haven't tried them over Pixie Epoxy, the colours pop really well over my regular eye primer. I imagine they'd be insane over Pixie Epoxy!

Platypus in the sun. Drool!

The glosses are nice, although they're a little different in texture from one another. Trouble is a frosty pale pink. It's a little too pale for me on its own, so I wear it over a dark lipstick. Hysteria I wear on its own: it's a bright pink with a purple sheen to it. Trouble is thicker and frosty, yet it still applies smoothly and makes my lips feel soft and moisturised. Hysteria is glossy and shiny, so it applies a bit more sheer and is smoother on the lips.

Left: The mini doe-foot applicator. Aww. Right: Trouble on the left and Hysteria on the right.

Left: Trouble. Right: Hysteria.

Overall, I'm very impressed with Venomous Cosmetics. Customer service is clearly a high priority and the makeup itself is fantastic. A new collection has just been released, so I'll definitely be doing another order soon for some more eyeshadows and Lip Poisons. It's really good value too, so I urge you to give them a go. You won't be disappointed.