Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gold Coast update

Well, I'm a little disappointed. The boyfriend and I were actually staying in Coolangatta for a few days and we drove to Surfers Paradise to check out some shops and visit the Del Sol shop for me. It was closed! At 3:30pm on a Thursday. What the? There's was no 'Back in 15 mins' sign or anything to indicate that it was closed for good, so I have no idea what's going on there.

So as promised, here are a couple of (crappy) photos of my new $2 nail polish from KK. It's a hard polish to photograph, so it's best described as a red-based purple with teal and turquoise glitter in it.

It's on it's side so you can see the colour better.

You can see the label here, but the colour of the polish isn't accurate.

The other really dumb thing I did is slam my thumb in the car door. Ouch! Apart from the pain, it started to split the nail right down the middle, so I had to cut it right down before it could split down to the nail bed. This means no nail polish until it grows a little and I can file down the others to match. I'm not keen on drawing attention to the fact that my nails are different sizes!

In other exciting nail-related news, I recently ordered some Butter London ( nail polishes online, so they'll be arriving soon. I also ordered some A England ( nail polishes. I haven't hauled nail polish like this in ages! Hopefully by the time they all arrive, my nails will all be an even length.


  1. Nice polish. Sorry to hear about your thumb :( Hopefully it'll be feeling better by the time your new polishes arrive :)

  2. Thanks Claire! It's already growing so I should be right. I'm lucky my nails grow like weeds.