Monday, July 25, 2011

Nails: Butter London Thames

For my first Butter London ( nail polish, I decided to try Thames. I recently bought four: Branwen's Feather, Victoriana and HRH in addition to Thames. They retail for US$14 and are available in Australia for $22 each (that's $2 more than OPI, just FYI). Thames is a beautiful metallic green that's quite bright and not as dark as some others I've seen.

Sorry about the lighting: the polish is very definitely green and not blue as it appears here.

Yes, that is a massive chunk of the bottle missing in the bottom left corner there. This was part of the order I ranted about here. Anyway, I was somewhat disappointed with this polish at first. The formula is quite thin and a bit runny, so my first coat was really sheer and patchy. The drying time was decent -- it didn't take too long, but it took longer than my A England polish, for example. The second coat evened out the colour nicely, though. I still needed a third coat as there was some sheerness in places, but then it was perfect. I think it's a better formula than OPI and the final result is excellent!

I'm a huge fan of green and this is one of the nicest I've seen.

The one really good thing about the polish is that it didn't bubble at all. I applied my second coat quite thick and there were no bubbles, which I tend to get a lot of with some of my OPI polishes. The green is just lovely so the extra coat and time it took to apply is worth the effort, in my opinion. So I'm fairly impressed with my first Butter London experience. I still have three more to try and with some of the more glittery polishes, the application may be different. I'll let you guys know.

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  1. This looks lovely! I really need some Butter London in my life!