Monday, August 8, 2011

Eyeshadow: blingy purple look

I went to see the roller derby on Saturday night and thought I'd go all out with my eyeshadow. I love bright, sparkly looks and I would totally wear this even if I wasn't going out. In fact, I took a trip to Bunnings with this on! Purple is my absolute favourite eyeshadow colour to wear, along with green, and I've been kind of neglecting it lately, so I thought I'd remedy that.

I wore purple all over and then added some dark grey glitter along my top lashline.

I used Pixie Epoxy all over the lid and along the lower lashline on top of my UDPP. I'm wearing MAC Quick Frost on the inner corner, Fyrinnae Faerie Glamour all over the lid, About Face High Drama along the lower lashline and Fyrinnae Wicked in the crease. The dark grey glitter along my top lashline is from Chi Chi.

My first set of false eyelashes!

This was also my first attempt at wearing false lashes. I've wore the individual clumps before just on the outer corners of my eyes, but never a full set. They were a little fiddly to apply, but that was only because my eyelashes are curlier than the falsies! I had trouble positioning them so that my actual lashes could blend in with them. I think I did OK. Perhaps my eye is naturally too curved for these lashes because they unstuck on the inner corners (not noticeably) within in hour of application.

What do you guys think? Purple rocks! I'd love to see what kind of blingy purple looks you guys can come up with, so link below.


  1. Faerie Glamour is one of my favorite purples . I love the look you did ;)

  2. I may have to do a whole blingy over-the-top series now!