Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eyeshadow: fiery look

I went for a fiery look the other day, using oranges and reds. It's something I haven't worn in ages, which is the whole aim of this series I guess. I tried to do a graduating colour from orange to red on the lid, with red all the way around the outside. I used loose eyeshadows from Morgana Cryptoria (www.morganacryptoria.com) and a matte pressed eyeshadow from Napoleon (www.napoleonperdis.com).

Left to right: Morgana's Conspiring Copper, Grog Blossom and Sinister Scarlet. Napoleon Color Disc in 70?

I used Conspiring Copper on the inner third of the lid and the inner third of the lower lashline. Grog Blossom went along the middle third of the lid and then I used Sinister Scarlet on the outer third of the lid and along the lower lashline. The Napoleon eyeshadow was used in the crease with a touch of black to darken the deep crease slightly. This is a really old Napoleon eyeshadow and it doesn't even have a number or colour. I think it's part of the Color Disc family and #70 Red is most likely what it is.

Look, I'm on fire!

This is obviously a little more out there than usual, but I like it. I had fun getting all the colours to blend into one another. Maybe I should try a rainbow next? I'm back in the city for work for the next couple of weeks so I likely won't have as much time to do interesting makeup in the mornings. It also means my posts may be a little more sporadic. I'll be back to working from home after that, though!


  1. Thanks! I forgot how much I love red.

  2. I love your blending. Great job!

  3. Thanks! I'm improving every day. That means more fun!