Saturday, August 20, 2011

Eyeshadow: subtle sparkle

This is a quick look I threw together today. I was meeting some friends for lunch so I just did a simple eye makeup. I also forgot to take photos, so I took these about 12 hours after application and I was too lazy to pull out the eyeshadows I used to take photos of them. Sorry!

Very little eyeshadow and some liner.

I simply used MAC If It Sparkles all over the lid and along the lower lashline, with a tiny dab of MAC Reflects Pearl on the inner corner. I used Inglot #420 Pearl lightly in the crease. A touch of eyeliner and mascara, an voila! Super simple. I did team this with red lipstick, though.


  1. I love the color "if it sparkles" :D , very pretty neutral eye !

  2. Although this is uber simple, I love this for a daytime look and it's similar to how I do my makeup sometimes. Super pretty!

  3. @Luna: Thanks! It's very different for me.

    @Ronnie: I like it more than I thought I would. I may have to wear it more often!