Friday, September 16, 2011

Eyeshadow: blue on blue

My green on green look proved popular, so I did a similar look with blues this time. These eyeshadows are all from The Body Needs ( My Iced Collection has now arrived, so I've used one of those colours as well as some from the Smoked and Blackened Collections.

Left to right: Smoked Teal, Blackened Turquoise, Iced Teal.

To sound like a broken record, my browbone highlight is Virgin from the UD Naked palette, with Gunmetal in the crease. I applied Smoked Teal all over the lid on top on a layer of Pixie Epoxy, as well as along the lower lashline. I used Blackened Turquoise along the outer third of the lower lashline and then foiled as eyeliner along the top. I then added a dab of Iced Teal to the inner corner to brighten up the look a bit.

Sorry I look so bloody tired in these photos. I think the blue takes away from the redness of my eyes, actually!

I think I'm going to have to stop taking these photos of myself at the end of the workday. They're embarrassingly unflattering, especially that first picture. Eek! I was pretty buggered when I took these and it shows. Sorry about that. You guys deserve better! Moving on...

I just wanted to let you know about the awesome customer service at The Body Needs. Originally, I ordered the Iced and Smoked Collections, but received the Blackened Collection instead of Iced. I emailed them and explained what had happened. You know what they did? They told me to enjoy the Blackened Collection as my gift and they would send me the Iced Collection separately. It arrived soon after (remember, I'm in Australia) and two extra full-size eyeshadows were sent with it, along with an apologetic note. How awesome is that?

I like that The Body Needs has MAC pigment samples from all the latest collections, which means I get to try a bunch of them without having to spend about $40 on a full-size pigment that I'll never use up in my lifetime. For those who didn't see my post yesterday, TBN is having a sale at the moment with the coupon code Glitter. So, check out the site and have a stickybeak. I can highly recommend their Iced, Smoked and Blackened Collections, as well as their MAC samples.