Friday, September 2, 2011

Eyeshadow: Fyrinnae sunset

I know I said I would post this yesterday (I wore this a couple of days ago), but work dramas ensured I didn't have time to and then I only had 10 minutes to get my gear together for my martial arts class afterwards. Anyway, this is the last of my Fyrinnae ( eyeshadows from this latest order. I used three colours to create a sunset-type look that I've been seeing a lot of lately.

Rapunzel Had Extensions, Sugar Skulls, Samhain Spirits.

I wanted this look to be a sort of wash of colour, so I didn't use Pixie Epoxy this time, just my usual UDPP as a base. I applied Rapunzel Had Extensions on the inner half of the lid and Sugar Skulls on the outer half. I then used Samhain Spirits in the crease and along the lower lashline. I also added a touch of Moon Child to the inner corner as an afterthought.

My version of a subtle Fyrinnae sunset.

Those of you who use Blogger may or may not have noticed that there's a new Dashboard layout. I'm trying it out today (this post is my first using the new interface), so if there are any quirks or my if my post looks funny, let me know. I'm not sure whether I like it, but it's much cleaner. Uploaded pictures are handled much better, so we'll see how we go. Anyway, enough nerd talk. Enjoy the sparkles!

Next up is my new Urban Decay goodies. I wore one of shadow pencils yesterday (and to training) so I'll be able to do a full review of that soon.