Friday, September 23, 2011

Eyeshadow: Tokidoki

I decided to whip out something I haven't used in a while: the Tokidoki Robbery Palette; specifically, the Arlecchino palette. I used all four eyeshadows as well as the blush (I neglected to take a photo of that, though). It's a pretty full-on look, but I really should have taken photos out in the sun to show you the hidden sparkle and the full brightness. Oh well.

The Arlecchino palette from the Tokidoki Robbery Palette.

I used Candy Cane (white) as my brow highlight and on the inner corner. I applied Ninja Dog (blurple) all over the lid, added some Pixie Epoxy and then added some more to intensify the colour. I used Meteo (blue) in the crease and along the outer third of the lashline. I finished off with Soya (green) on the inner two-thirds of the lower lashline.

It's blue, it's bright and tons of fun!

I had fun limiting myself to just this palette. I may have to do it for the other two palettes in the Robbery Palette. We'll see. I'm preparing for my trip at the moment, so I've just been slapping on a little bit of makeup in a hurry in the mornings without thinking too much about it. I just felt like something bright today. I might do something funky tomorrow for IMATS, depending on how much time I have to get ready.