Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nails: A England Galahad

This week I'm wearing a new nail polish from A England ( I recently did an order and got Galahad, Elaine and Perceval. First up is Galahad. It's a turquoise creme polish. Each polish sells for £9 (free shipping, too!).

Galahad: lovely turquoise creme.

You all know how much I love A England's formula. This is the first creme I've tried and it's just glorious. It's the perfect consistency: not runny at all and not too thick, yet super opaque at the same time. Two perfect, shiny, smooth coats is all I needed. I thought the metallic and holo polishes applied amazingly well, and the creme formula is no exception. Dry time was very quick too. I don't know how they do it!

Galahad is a tad darker than it appears on the left, but lighter than it appears on the right.

So this is another spectacular polish from A England. Those of you who haven't tried them yet should, especially since worldwide shipping is free! There's a new collection coming soon, so there'll be even more beautiful colours to choose from. Can't wait!