Sunday, September 25, 2011

Overview: IMATS & haul

So yesterday I went to IMATS ( It's on today as well, but I only went for the one day.  I ended up spending quite a bit of money (oops), which I was trying not to do since I'm going overseas in two days. I had some fun and a lot of stress, too. This post is very picture-heavy, you've been warned! First, this is the makeup I wore for the day.

I used Urban Decay's Virgin as a brow highlight, The Body Needs' Smoked Green on the lid, Morgana's Skeletons In Your Closet in the crease, About Face's Beyond The Grape Abyss along the lower lashline and a touch of The Body Needs' Iced Pink on the inner corner.

Here's the entrance to the show at the Darling Harbour Exhibition & Convention Centre. I took this photo on my way out, so I don't have a photo to show you of the lineup before it opened. It wasn't too bad, but I'm glad I was towards the head of the line.

I decided to get the important stuff out of the way first: shopping! I did that and then went around taking photos, so these may not be in the right order. At 10am on the main stage, Elessa Jade from Pursebuzz ( was doing a Naked Cosmetics sponsored presentation. It was loads of fun and she's so nice. She did a really funky, colourful leopard look on her model.

 Here she is being introduced. How awesome are her shoes?

Cute bows all round!

 So below are photos of the various stalls. I didn't take photos of all of them, just the major ones.

 Napoleon Perdis: 20% off the whole range.

The MAC stall was definitely a case of having to get there early or face crowds like these. These are some very dedicated women. I imagine it must have been something special because it's not like MAC is hard to find in Australia.

 MAC: yes, that lines continues along the glass wall of the hall.

There were so many people there that I couldn't even see what kinds of discounts or offers there were.

Illamasqua was disappointing, in my opinion. Their stall was a tiny thing up the back corner and the small table there only had what appeared to be discontinued products. They were very cheap ($10 for a pigment), but there wasn't anything I really liked. I'm not saying they should have had their entire range there, but maybe the newest collection or something.

 Ladies testing what little products were on offer.

There was a student fantasy makeup competition that was to be judged later in the afternoon, although I didn't stick around for that, since I'd gotten up at the crack of dawn (it was still dark) and I was exhausted. There was lots of amazing looks going on there. I'm hoping the web site might have some pictures of the finished looks.

 Student fantasy makeup competition preparations.

 Lots of wigs and other bits were combined with the makeup.

There was also a little roped-off section with museum pieces. There were masks, prosthetics and before and after images of amazing special effects makeup.

 Creepy old guy kept eyeing me off.
 Love the dragon head!

There were also a number of makeup school stalls and many of them were doing body painting as well as special effects makeup. It's crazy how realistic some of the effects were.

 A soon-to-be zombie, I think.

 This swarm is at the OCC Lip Tar counter. Couldn't get very close.

 Ben Nye. A large stall, but only a few products. I got in there but there prices weren't listed anywhere.

 There was a decent range of SpaRitual nail polish and a huge range of Ardell lashes.

I was tempted by the Naked Cosmetics eyeshadows, but they come in packs of six and didn't like all six of the colours in any one set.

 Aussie brand Gorgeous Cosmetics. So pretty!

 Royal & Langnickel doing some body painting.

 Hundreds and hundreds of brushes! Too overwhelming for me.

And now we get to the epic fail of the show: Make Up For Ever. This brand is supremely difficult to find in Australia (I think there are two web sites that sell it), so it was inevitable that it would be popular. I went there right at the start of the day when there weren't too many people around and  I still had to wait 20 minutes to pay once my goodies had gone in the little basket behind the counter. The reason? No bloody cash register! Are you kidding me? There were only three people working there: two were putting people's items in baskets and popping them on the table for the lone lady handling the cash to add up on a calculator and write a manual receipt in a receipt book. At least they had an EFTPOS machine. It was the worst organisation I've ever seen. The stall was tiny, too.

 Everyone on this side of the stall is waiting to pay for and pick up their goodies.

 On this side is where the testers are and where you order.

Now we get to the most organised stall of the show: Inglot. There were tons of people working there and a kind of production line thing happening. You put the things you want on a magnetic tray and hand it to one person, who helps you with colour choices and answers any questions you might have. They then hand your tray to someone else, who puts together the products for you. The samples are then returned to the table (there were about four or five sets of testers for every product). Another person then puts your purchase through the register (take note, MUFE) and you pay. And off you go. Inglot was the first stall I went to, but the wait later on in the day wasn't too bad. There was also a generous 30% off everything.

 Inglot had a huge stall and testers of every product.

 It was busy but look how many people are working there and how big the stall is!
The Crown Brush stall was great: very reasonably priced brushes.

 So many brushes! Choosing was difficult.

Now onto the fun stuff: my haul. I didn't actually buy all that much, but it all came to over $300. Ouch! And most of it was on sale too. Oh dear. Anyway, they're all so pretty, so who cares?

First row: Ardell Babies lashes, Inglot AMC lip glosses (543 and 544), It Cosmetics concealer, Inlgot 10-pan pallete.
Second row: MUFE Aqua Liners (4, 8 and 11), MUFE Aqua Creams (18 and 19), freebie Ben Nye HD foundation, three Crown brushes.
Third and fourth row: 12 regular Inglot eyeshadows and a rainbow shadow.

Out of their packaging: it doesn't look like I got much, does it? Especially once the Inglot eyeshadows are in the palette.

I'll do swatches and things later and go through all the Inglot colours in the palette. I had a good day and got some things I've been lusting for, so I'm happy. Did any of you guys go?