Monday, October 24, 2011

Eyeshadow: blingy black & white

Last week I went to see Heart and Def Leppard live in concert so I thought I'd do something fun and sparkly with my makeup for the event. I wore Fyrinnae Dinosaur Plushie all over the lid over Pixie Epoxy, Fyrinnae Immortality along the lower lashline over Pixie Epoxy and a mixture of two eyeshadows in the crease (Inglot 325 matte and an ancient Too Faced blurple). I even wore falsies for the second time ever and I have to admit, I did a much better job than my first attempt!

Black and white sparkle with a hint of colour in the crease.

Both bands totally rocked, by the way. Heart have never been to Australia before so it was awesome to be able to see them. Def Leppard put on a great show as always. I went with my sister and we both had a great time. Apart from sore throats from singing along, of course.

Heart. "How do I get you alone..."

Def Leppard. "Rocket, yeah!"