Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review: Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Femme Fatale Cosmetics ( is an independent Australian makeup company created by Sophie Broadbent. I've been following her blog, Ethereal Beauty (, for a while, so I was excited to read that she would be starting up her own line of hand-blended mineral makeup. FFC also has a blog of its own at, which has information about the company.

My cute little package of samples.

FFC currently only has eyeshadows (17 of them) and blushes (five), all of which are shimmery. The web site is very easy to navigate, it's clear and there are plenty of pictures and information about all of the products. A lot of work has gone into the product photos: each eyeshadow has four different pictures at different angles to show the depth of the colour, as well as eye swatches. The blushes have close-ups of the product, as well as hand swatches to show how they appear on the skin. In terms of product information, absolutely everything you can think of has been covered. Each individual product page lists the ingredients, along with whether it's vegan and where it's safe to apply. Most of the products are vegan and a number of them are lip-safe, too.
My eyeshadow and blush samples.

The pricing is excellent: all samples are $1 each (they come in zip-lock baggies) and sample-only orders ship free worldwide. Full-size eyeshadows are $5 and come in a 5g jar (no sifter), while blushes are $8 and come in a 10g jar (with a sifter). Postage is very reasonable, considering what a rip-off Australia Post is (those in the US or UK can send a parcel internationally for the same price we pay to send a parcel interstate). Optional insurance is also available. My only problem with the site and the way the ordering system works (well, more a wish really, since I'm lazy) is that there's no option to order a full set of samples at once. Each product has to be added to the cart individually.

Included business cards.

I ordered a sample of each of the eyeshadows on a Tuesday and I received a shipping notice the following day. My order arrived on the following Monday. That's an awesome turnaround time! My order was packed really well and presented nicely with a funky business card included. Two complimentary blush samples were included, along with a personal note on my invoice. I was really impressed: you'd never be able to tell that the company is run by one person. Customer service, company branding and the products themselves are all so well done.

OK, long-winded introduction over. Let's get to the good part: the eyeshadows. I'll be honest, I haven't worn them all yet, but I've swatched them all and worn almost half, which I think is enough to give you my initial impression. Put simply, I love these eyeshadows and I'll definitely have to do another order, this time for full-sized jars of my favourites. The descriptions of each colour on the web site are spot on, so I won't go into detail about those here. I'll let the swatches speak for themselves. They're all really pigmented, smooth and easy to blend. There are no boring 'plain' colours here: there's duochromes and others with sparkles in unexpected colours. Stunning.

Top row: Misdirection, Hibernate, Poison and Riptide.
Bottom row: Haunt, Shooting Stars, Flare and Polymorph.

Top row: Space Cow, Heroic, Levitate and Endless Winter.
Middle row: Unholy, Ignite, Obliterate and Crusader.
Bottom row: Smokebomb.

I'm not a huge blush wearer, although I do own a couple. However, I don't own any loose blushes, so these are very new to me. It's an absolute pain in the butt to get a blush brush into a tiny zip-lock bag, but my patience was rewarded. (Does anyone have suggestions on an easier way to get to the product?) The blush is as smooth and easy to apply as the eyeshadows, and the colour is buildable. I think I want to try the rest of the blush samples, but I can definitely see myself buying a couple of these in the full-sized jars. They're that pretty, with a subtle hint of sparkle and duochrome sheen. They're no glitterbombs, for those who are concerned about shimmer on their cheeks.

Left: Rebel (pink). Right: Aspect (coral).

And now a couple of looks using the products. All eyeshadows have been applied over a base of Pixie Epoxy.

Poison and Hibernate on the lid and lower lashline. Misdirection in the crease.

Space Cow on the lid, Polymorph on the lower lashline.

I can't wait until FFC has more products (crossing my fingers for lip goodies), but for now, the products that are there are amazing. I'd definitely recommend checking out the web site and ordering some samples at the very least. I'm going to wait until I've tried all of my goodies before I do an order for full-sized product, but I'm certainly going to. And for all you Aussie girls, give it a go and support a local company!