Monday, October 31, 2011

Nails: Zoya Neeka

Zoya Neeka is another one of recent nail polish purchases from Hong Kong. It's a dusty purple with golden shimmer. It appears lighter in the bottle than it does on the nail. It's from Zoya's Smoke & Mirrors collection.
Neeka is purple with golden sparkle.

Like most Zoya polishes,  it applied like butter. I possible could have gotten away with one coat, but two was sheer perfection. Dry time is very quick, too. I was somewhat surprised (but not unpleasantly so) when I applied it and the colour was darker than it appeared in the bottle. The base is a gorgeous dusty purple. However, I was kind of disappointed that the golden flecks of shimmer weren't more apparent.

 This photo was taken indoors.

This photo was taken outdoors in sunlight (sort of!).

The gold becomes more obvious in the sun, although indoors, it's a little hard to see. I still totally love the polish, but it's not what I expected. However, it's still unique to my collection and I did gets lots of compliments on it. When I wear it again in the future, at least I know what I'm in for.What do you guys think?