Saturday, October 22, 2011

Swatches: lip products from HK

I bought a few lip products in Hong Kong, but I thought I'd swatch the Asian-branded stuff first. So, I've got a WowWow crystal lip gloss and Lavshuca sheer lipstick. The gloss came from Bonjour ( and the lippie was from SaSa (

 WowWow gloss and Lavshuca lipstick.

The WowWow gloss is in #10, which is a sheer coral colour. It's got a doe-foot applicator, so it's easy to apply. The packaging of this is amazing, if a little chunky. The plastic of the tube is faceted to actually look like crystal and the applicator wand is also clear plastic. I'm not usually impressed by packaging, but this one is so awesome it rated a mention. It's a thickish gloss that's not sticky and it lasts for ages. It's sheer and there's no sparkle or anything. It's got a nice orange kind of smell that's not too strong and it fades fairly quickly.

 Look how funky that packaging is!

The Lavshuca lipstick (made by Kanebo) is in a metal tube, with pretty embellishments. There's a 'gem' stuck to the lid and the base of the tube has a cool faceted metal band around it. Kind of pointless, but it's sure lovely to look at. The tube is slanted, which I love. It means you can't accidentally wind up too much lippie and have it break off or anything. The colour is shade RD-2, which is a paleish pink and it's tons of silver sparkle. It's not even microglitter, the sparkle is so small and fine. It goes on sheer and smooth, and it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, so you forget your lips are shimmery. You can build up the colour and therefore the sparkle.

Look at those cute little jewel accents!

The gloss wears really well and my lips feel really smooth and moisturised. It's only got a hint of colour, which means that when it wears off, I don't have patchy lips or anything. The lipstick is sheer, so it applies like a dream. For that reason, when it wears off I'm not left with a ring of colour around my lips. And because the shimmer in it is so fine, I'm not left with a ton of sparkle on my lips when it wears off. There's a little shimmer left over, but when I actually wipe it off, all of it comes off.

Left: WowWow gloss. Right: Lavshuca lipstick.

All in all, I love them! I don't have a coral gloss and this one is so nice and flattering. I love the lipstick, too, as I don't have anything with that amount of sparkle in that shade of pink. It's really nice when teamed with dark eyes. The packaging on both of these is amazing, if you're into that sort of thing.