Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog award: Tell Me About Yourself Award

The lovely Suzie at Suzie Makes You Up awarded me the Tell Me About Yourself award yesterday. She was right: thinking up seven random facts about myself was hard! I came up with seven but I don't know how interesting they are. Hopefully I don't turn people off!

The simple rule the Tell Me About Yourself Award is to share seven things about yourself, and link back to the person who passed you this award! Be sure to award 5 blogs and drop them a line about it.

So this is what I came up with about myself:

1. I've been doing martial arts for 12 years. I'm a Second Dan and my title is officially Sensei, which makes me laugh. No one is allowed to call me that!

2. I've been with my boyfriend for 13 years and we have no intention of getting married or having children. We have plans to get a dog and/or a rabbit.

3. I love to travel! My most recent trip was to Cambodia and Hong Kong. I take way too many photos when I travel, which is why I have DVDs full of them. I love getting a bunch of them printed and putting them in ye olde photo albums. I still think that's the best way to look at holiday snaps.

4. I work for a computer magazine but I hardly ever try new technology until it's been out for a while (I'm not a complete Luddite, though). I just scored an original iPhone (3G) as a freebie from someone at work who upgraded to a 4S. I still have no idea how to use it and I've had it a week. I also have no Twitter account and despise Facebook, although I reluctantly have an account to keep in touch with family.

5. I already have grey hairs! I've only started colouring my hair this year to cover them. Sigh.

6. I'm a complete metalhead. I like all kinds of music, but metal is what I listen to the most.

7. Cockroaches terrify me. As in, run from the room shrieking. Yes, I know I'm bigger than they are. Yes, I know they're not going to eat me alive (although there was that one movie I saw...). But come on, there's something wrong with an insect that can survive a nuclear holocaust. You don't want to mess with those buggers, so I'll just keep my distance, thanks.

I hope you all found that entertaining. I'd love to know more about all of you guys, so if you leave a comment, tell me something weird/interesting/amazing/scary about youself. Now, to award some other lovely bloggers because I'd love to know a little more about them.

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