Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eyeshadow: birthday look with Inglot

It's my birthday today! I had to go into the city for work today, rather than work from home, but it's OK since my workmates spoilt me with gifts (swatches and photos later in the week) and took me out to lunch. I've also got some Sugarpill goodies coming, which are from my boyfriend, although they haven't arrived yet. Hopefully this week, though!

So for my birthday look, I decided to wear my two new Inglot pigments: #49 and #70. I love how they look together! I used Urban Decay primer and that's it! #70 went all over the eyelid and along the lower lashline, with #49 in the crease and along the outer third of the lower lashline. That's it!

Bright and sparkly, just the way I like it.