Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haul: Inglot goodies

It's my birthday in a few days so I thought I'd get myself a pressie: some Inglot goodies! I had a 20% off and free shipping coupon to use on the online store, which I scored with my order from IMATS. I think I put it to good use! I ended up getting a nail polish, lip gloss and four eyeshadows.

Left: Inglot #204. Right: over Zoya Neeka.

Inglot AMC Lip Gloss in #541.

Left to right: 414 Pearl, 446 Pearl, 399 Pearl and 17 Shine (bottom right). Pic is of my Z-palette, which is why there are other shadows visible.

Left: Pure Pigment #70. Right: Pure Pigment #49.

And now swatches! All of these eyeshadows and the lip gloss were swatched on my bare hand, with no primer or anything underneath.

Left to right: #17, #414, #399, #446.

Top left: #70. Top right: #49. Bottom: #541.

What do you guys think? I'm happy with my birthday gift to myself! Plus it was cheap and the shipping was free. I love Inglot. :)