Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nails: Essence Where Is The Party? & NYC Color Sprinkles

This mani is a week old now (oops). First, let me explain about Essence. We've only just started seeing this brand in Australia and only in selected stores. I've mentioned my problem when buying a couple of Essence lip glosses here. Basically, I didn't realise my nail polish had been opened and used until I got it home. I decided to give it a go anyway because the colour is so awesome.

Where Is The Party? is a frosty purple with a green duochrome and it was just awful to apply: really thick and goopy. I've never read anything about anyone having problems with the application of Essence polishes, which is why I think mine was a one-off issue. Because it had been opened, I think it might have dried out a little and that's why it didn't apply all that smoothly. It dried really fast, but because it applied so thick, it bubbled on me. A layer of topcoat smoothed it out, but I could still see the bubbles, which is why I added Sprinkles over the top. Sprinkles has a clear base with silver, green and pink glitter in it. It disguised the bubbles nicely.

Left: Sprinkles. Right: Where Is The Party?

The result was really pretty. Because it's a duochrome, the pink glitter really stood out when it flashed green and when it flashed purple, the green glitter stood out. It's not very dense glitter, but it added a nice amount of sparkle.

Looking straight on, it's purple.

Angled slightly towards the light, it's purple with green tinges at the edges.

And angled even further, it's a greyish green.

This is my Essence nail polish and although my experience wasn't the best, I'm willing to try it again because I'm pretty sure it's a one-off.