Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nails: The Face Shop BK901

I've never worn The Face Shop's nail polishes before, but I was there the other day and picked up a few. They were only $7.50 for the shimmers and the cremes are only $3! BK 901 is a black with blue and green shimmer, with a hint or purple duochrome. I also experimented with some layering, so I used China Glaze's Fault Line, a metallic purple crackle polish. I also tried adding another layer over the top, but ended up screwing up the whole mani, so I just experimented with it before taking it off.

Left to right: The Face Shop BK901, China Glaze Fault Lin and Ozotic Pro Mish Mash #534.

I wore BK 901 on its own for a few days before I decided to amp it up. That's because although I liked it, I was expecting more. The polish applied like a dream and dried really quickly. It was also opaque in two coats. The problem is the microglitter wasn't as apparent as I was hoping: not as awesome as it looked in the bottle. There was a hint of green and blue shimmer, but none of the purple at all.

Pretty, but it's really hard to spot the glitter.

I added Fault Line over the top and it looked unreal. I wish I'd left it at that because it really looked amazing. But, I had to keep experimenting, didn't I? I added a think coat of Ozotic #534, thinking it would add a cool layer of holographic sparkle on top, but it's too damn opaque! I did my pinkie and realised it wasn't going to work. Then I wondered how it would look with a flakie over the top, so on my ring finger, I added a layer of Inglot #204. That looked pretty cool, I thought.

Thumb, index and middle finger have just Fault Line. Ring finger has Inglot #204 on top and pinkie has Ozotic #534.

I really liked the quality of The Face Shop's nail polish on its own. The colour wasn't what I was expecting, but it was still a really nice colour. I have a couple more to try, so we'll see how we go. I'm looking forward to using Fault Line on its own, too.