Friday, December 16, 2011

Nails: randoms from the last month

I've been bad with my nail polish posts lately, so to make up for it, I'm doing this one mega post to combine them all. I've been wearing a bunch of polishes that are colours I wouldn't normally wear, just to get out of my comfort zone. It's paid off because I've found some real gems.

 White and shimmery pearl.

Worn together.

White is tough to wear. I've never worn it before, but because it's so stark, any imperfections on a dodgy application like mine tend to stand out a mile away. I wouldn't say I'd never wear it again, but I'll be extra careful next time. These are both from The Face Shop: the white is WH002 and the pearl WH001. The creme nail polishes are only $3, while the glittery effects polishes are $7.50. Very reasonable. The only thing that sucks is that you can't really see the awesomeness of this sparkly pearl polish: there's pale green and pale pink microglitter in it, along with the silver. At first I hated this mani, but then I liked it the more I wore it.
Ozotic Mish Mash #531.

It goes from a reddish burgundy...

 To a coppery brown...

 To a rusty orange...

 And finally to gold.

The next polish is Ozotic Mish Mash in #531. This is one of a couple I got from my sister for my birthday last month (from Picture Polish). It's awesome! Not only is it one of Ozotic's famous multichrome colours, but it's a holo, too. I love it. I almost always go for purples, blues and greens in the Ozotics, so this time I decided to go with the red/gold combo instead. It's really lovely. These are intended to be worn over black polish, but any dark colour will do (I believe I was wearing a dark purple colour under this). They dry insanely fast, too. Love it!

 Zoya Jules.

 A mushroom-coloured taupe with gold shimmer.

Next up is Zoya Jules. This looks kind of blah in the bottle, in mu opinion, but on the nail, whoa! I was intrigued by colour when I saw it on the Nail Etc web site in a recent order. I did a Google image search and was instantly in love. My mum almost stole my bottle of it, she loved it so much. Haha. We can share! It's unlike anything I have and it's a colour I haven't seen around a lot. It kind of made me think of Christmas with the gold. I did two coats, but it could have used a third. Stunning, though.

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat in Fractured Foil.

Fractured Foil over Zoya Jules.

I recently got this at my local Chemist Warehouse for under $8 and I had to try it immediately. I put it on over Zoya Jules and it looked kind of cool, with the silver and gold. However, it would obviously look better over a dark colour to make the cracks more apparent. I passed on OPI's Silver Shatter, but when I saw my friend Helen's, I began to regret that decision until I stumbled on this little bargain. I love it! As with all of the crackle polishes I have, it needs a top coat otherwise it's kind of matte. Anyway, I can't wait to try this again over a black or something.

 Nfu Oh #51.

 Nfu Oh #52.

Zoya Jules with Sally Hansen Fractured Foil, with Nfu Oh #51 on thumb, middle and pinky, and Nfu Oh #52 on index and ring finger.

And then, because I just couldn't leave it alone, I added the two Nfu Oh polishes that arrived the other day from Mei Mei's Signatures. Holy crap! I need to get more of these. These flakies are amazing! I love them both so much! I only have a single thin coat of each on, but you can see subtle flakiness and the sheer jelly base has filled in the cracks of the Sally Hansen polish nicely, so it stands out more. #51 has lovely-looking reddish flakes that shift colour, depending on the angle. #52 has green flakies in a purple base! Not what I was expecting when you look at the jar. They look very similar in this picture, but the #51 base is a redder purple, while the base in #52 is a bluer purple. These are going to look amazing over dark colours. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for which Nfu Oh colours I should get next? I have Nubar 2010 and Cult Nails Clairvoyant (also from Mei Mei, but I haven't worn it yet). I'm so into flakies right now. 

Phew! Mammoth post over. If you managed to read all the way through this, you're my hero! Seriously though, I'll aim to be a little more proactive in my nail polish posts. I have heaps of new ones to try, but I'm going to focus on more Christmasy colours this month, so the next one will be China Glaze's Glittering Garland. Stay tuned!