Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Designer Brands Sugar palette

I picked up this palette at my local chemist for $5 about a week ago. I liked the look of the colours, so I thought $5 was a cheap investment. I recently took it with me when my boyfriend and I went to spend a couple of days with his parents at Christmas. This is called the Sugar palette and there was also a Spice palette, with more earthy, neutral colours in it.

 12 eyeshadows for only $5!

 The swatches are all were applied dry over Urban Decay Primer Potion.

And here are some looks using the palette. This first look is using just two colours: the dark grey seventh from the left and the pale greyish pink next to it. I applied the lighter shade on the lid and along the lower lashline, then the darker colour in the crease and on the outer third of the lower lashline. I added a dab of the white (third from the right) on the inner corner.

First is a greyish look.

The next day I wanted something a bit brighter, so I used the bright pink (fifth from the left) all over the lid, with a mixture of the teal (second from the right) and pale green (second from the left) in the crease. I used the brightest blue (the first colour) along the lower lashline. I then added a pink glitter eyeliner from LA Colors all over the lid.

A bright, glittery pink and blue look.

The last day, I only had a few minutes to do my makeup before we had to hop in the car and drive back home (almost five hours), so I did a quick and simple look using the mauve (fourth from the right) and grey (the very last eyeshadow). I used the mauve al over the lid and the inner half of the lower lashline, with the grey in the crease and on the outer half of the lower lashline. I also used a bit of the white (third from the right) on the inner corner.

A soft, pinkish grey look.

The eyeshadows were all quite soft and powdery. That made them easy to apply, but also meant there was a bit of fallout. I think you'll agree the pigmentation wasn't bad. All of these were applied over my Urban Decay primer only. There's a decent collection of colours here, although three blue shades is overkill in my opinion. Overall, it's $5 well spent because I can see myself using it when I go away and there's enough variety in there to do a number of looks.