Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eyeshadow: five kinds of purple

So it seems I accidentally created a mini series of looks, all based around one colour. This is probably the last one because I have other colour combos I want to try. This one is all purple, five different shades to be exact. I love purple and this is probably my favourite out of the three that I've done (the other two were blue and green). I like the idea of using a variety of shades of one colour, so I'll probably come back to this series later on with other colours to get out of my comfort zone.

Pale purple, dark purple, pinky purple. They're all there!

And now onto what I used. Here's a photo of all the goodies. I'll start doing this again if people find it helpful. Let me know.

These are all the eyeshadows I used.

I first applied NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese all over the lid, inner corner and along the lower lashline, extended out further than normal. I applied Femme Fatale Cosmetics eyeshadow in Shooting Stars all over the lid. I used Sugarpill Poison Plum fairly lightly in the crease and then more heavily at the outer corner. I applied  Fyrinnae Cuddlefish along the lower lashline and extended it out along the edge of the Poison Plum. I then used Tony & Tina (remember that brand? This eyeshadow is ancient, but I can't let go)  Cosmic Clarity on the inner corner and then finished off with a sweep of MAC Pincurl on the browbone (it's not really purple, but it's a pale muted grey with a purplish sheen).