Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eyeshadow: green look with no black

I wanted to do something completely different and bright today, so I decided not to use any black makeup at all, apart from mascara, of course. Once again, I went for greens. I also wanted to try out two new Essence eyeshadows. Thank you for those who recommended colours for me to try. I'm still keeping an eye out for them, but my local display is constantly being raided before I can get to it!

Top row: Sugarpill Tako, Essence #46 taupe of the pops.
Bottom row: Sugarpill Midori, Essence #32 jazzed up.

Middle: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #4.

First, I'll describe the Essence eyeshadows. Jazzed Up is a very pale shimmery green that looks almost white. It's actually not the colour I tested, which is no one's fault but my own. The one I wanted is a pale green that has a pink duochrome sheen to it. Oh well, it was only $3.25! Taupe of the Pops is a very shimmery taupe colour, simple as that. It's really shimmery and I imagine it would look really nice over a dark base.

No black! There's some greens and a taupe, but no black!

First, I applied Jazzed Up all over the lid and Taupe of the Pops along the lower lashline. I used Midori in the crease and then blended it down onto the outer edge of the lower lashline. I finished off the eyeshadow with Tako as my brow highlight and on the inner corner. For the top liner, I simply used MUFE #4 winged out like I would normally do with black. On the waterline, I applied a silver Benefit pencil liner and then pressed a little Midori on top of it.